Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thinking of consumer rights

Funny but true,

In one of the highly developing country, consumer education is still a big issue. I bet most of us know our rights but none of us care to fight for it. Why?

a) too much political intervention; any consumer issue will relate to some political parties which then claim to be the champion even though the issue was not resolve at all.

b) too many policies than action; due to political transition- we get more ministers in the same ministry. To that, as minister change policy change, previous policies may not even have the chance to be implemented.

c) Too many NGO and associations- everyone want to be the champion, to be the first person to tackle recent issue.

We as consumer need to be united in tackling certain issue such as lack of sugar supply, high food price etc....We should start to remind the retailler that we are in control not them, we are the one who buy not influence by them....when the economy monopolize by wise consumers than we will get wise retailler.

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