Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thinking of consumer rights

Funny but true,

In one of the highly developing country, consumer education is still a big issue. I bet most of us know our rights but none of us care to fight for it. Why?

a) too much political intervention; any consumer issue will relate to some political parties which then claim to be the champion even though the issue was not resolve at all.

b) too many policies than action; due to political transition- we get more ministers in the same ministry. To that, as minister change policy change, previous policies may not even have the chance to be implemented.

c) Too many NGO and associations- everyone want to be the champion, to be the first person to tackle recent issue.

We as consumer need to be united in tackling certain issue such as lack of sugar supply, high food price etc....We should start to remind the retailler that we are in control not them, we are the one who buy not influence by them....when the economy monopolize by wise consumers than we will get wise retailler.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Buying a Car

In this modern world, we have various way to search and look for a car. We can search through the Internet, newspaper, pamphlet etc. Nevertheless, we must be extra careful when making the decision. Basically, once we decide, there is no turning back except for "admiring" and "adoring" our newly bought car (what ever condition it is). For that reasons, i would to give you some tips in making decision (based on my own experience)- so you can get this types of car

but not this types of car

First of all- set your objective; what type of car do you want? big car 4WD or Sedan, Why do you need this car? big family (8 seater) or small family (5 seater) or maybe other related reasons..

Secondly, set your budget...Don't get over excited once you reach that place (sales car or individual seller).. keep in mind that you are willing to pay only certain amount of money- if the price over your budget, try to bargain and if he/she does not agree than forget about the car..

Thirdly, act like an auditor when inspecting the car...always be very detail in and out...look at the engine, tyres, maintenance record...and ask why he/she want to sell the car? be very precise..

Fourthly, try to influence the salesman or the seller and not the other way around. Any seller will try their best to promote the car.Don't believe what they talk good things about the car (such as memorable, fast, reliable) but pay attention on the bad things (such as sometimes the car..., minor scratch...etc)

Lastly, the 'deal'.. this is the moment when you say deal or no deal. Remember, buying a car is always a risk ( regardless of new or old car).. you just need more luck when you buy used car.. Good luck

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Living in other country

Our life is a process of learning...before we are able to walk, we learn how to stand, and by learning how to stand, we eventually start learning how to run. Basically, taking the next step forward is not an easy task.

When me and family decide to go abroad, we don't think much of the consequences, we just go and face the rhythm. Well, as most people experience, being in other country does postulate some pros and cons experience:-

1) Doing something that you have never done in your country : Back in Malaysia, i will not go fishing or crabbing as it is too hot and the facility such as fishing port etc are not much encouraging. Well, in Adelaide, i went to fishing and crabbing frequently and surprisingly, i enjoy doing it. Other than that, in Malaysia i would not be able to walk my kids to school always drive them to school; but here i did it and its fun.

2) Homesick : friends and relative : Well, it is normal for anyone to be homesick as most people say : There are no better place than home. I miss the foods, friends,my car etc....

3) Feel different in any place: definitely! an Asian family walking in the city surrounded by white people...however, in some occasion, we did see other Asian family here in Adelaide but majority of the people are white. I could not imagine, what my kids will say when we come back to Malaysia...

4) Start comparing life: This will be the key point in any travelling experience. We start comparing the social culture, the facilities, the government transparencies and policy, the quality life, the car prices the end, we may start cursing our government or vice versa..

In conclusion, take some times to go away from your country and spend some times in other may get more than less. You'll learn more than staying at home's true the more you travel, the more you realize that's life is not for yourself.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

How much blind spot could cause you?

One saturday morning, we went to church for the feast of St Ignatious at 9 am at the Announciation Church, Hectorville.

after the mass, we go back to our house...and on our way back, I was drving at the left lane and wanted to go to the right lane. Not by chance, after giving signal to change lane, someone gave a big horn from the right just near my car. I did not see the car was coming cause they were in my blind spot. And what make this event even interesting, it was a police car.

So i have to pull over and stop. A police woman approached me and asked for my licence. Well you know what happen next- all the rules and regulation advise and so on..bla bla bla..comes out. She wrote down my address and phone number. Then, the final question comes out- Will you prefer to receive the ticket (summon) by post or now? I asked how much would it cost me...she said around AUD100 to AUD200. Goodness me, because of blind spot error i have to pay that much?..

Well, luckily i have my own persuasive skills and manage to get only stern warning from the officer. From that time, you could guess how will I drive in Australia.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Moving House

Its funny but true- i have been moving house house frequently in Adelaide. This is the third time i moved to a new place within 1 year. Only this time, we really move to a house- as before was a flat unit consist of two bedrooms.

It all happened without any proper planning. It started when my wife told me that we really need a three bedrooms house. The kids are getting bigger and there are not enough space to play and so on. So i just went to the agent and tell them my intention. Within a week, they call me back and said that one house is available and they will give it to me if i want it (it is very difficult to get a house through an agent if they don't trust you). Since, they are the same agent for my previous unit so they now what kind of tenant we are.

However, in this new house, we have to move everything including dawson and daniel school. So new house and new school for the kids. And another unplanned situation happened. One day before moving to the new house-all of us went to look for a van that was published in the newspaper at AUD1600. We though it will be nice for all of us. Once arrived there, the van was taken by someone else- so we went back frustrated but on our way back, we passed this used car shop and was just looking for a van. I saw one and enter the shop- test drive and talk to my wife then we took it- trade in with my sedan car. Then, we have a van (enough space for everybody) and a house (enough room for everyone). I hope the next move will be to my own house.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My writing experience?

How may i start my writing experience? it's funny but true- the most difficult part in writing is when i try to write my introduction. It took me two days to figure out my outline and i only able to finished two paragraph. Some people suggested for me to write the other parts first like the theoretical background and so on. But being a sequences kind of person, i need to start from the beginning.And believe me writing the introduction particularly in the academic paper is really challenging for me. I'm not sure how to start- should i start in general term or more specific on the topic.

Therefore, i salute the academic writer particularly the regular writer. Some friend say - practice make perfect and i really hope so. My other constraints will be the language. I have read most of the journals and they masterpiece was brilliant. Some of the articles seem to communicate effectively with me as a reader and that really amaze me. Being a non-English speaker, writing a paper for a journal especially in English really challenge me a lot.My bad grammar and poor vocabulary may influence my way of writing the paper.

Anyway, i hope things will get better soon. All i need is focus and learn.

Values in life

I just arrived in Adelaide and happy to be united with my family again after 6 weeks apart. However, i experience drastic weather changes, from a hot and warm tropical country to a cool and freezing place. My body need to quickly adapt in this winter to avoid any unwanted sickness.

Suddenly, i miss the weather in Malaysia. It's funny how we value things according to our priority. When we are in a hot country, we seek for cool weather then when we are in a cool country we seek for warm weather. I remember what Edward de Bono's write about value :

"Values give purpose, meaning, enjoyment and value to life. We can also become hostage to our values, just as we become hostage to our desires."

For the same reason, i feel that being in two places changes my value accordingly.I wonder what will other person that travel more than two places in a month value the most? work? family? money?